Hydrafinil powder, 100 Grams

Hydrafinil powder, 100 Grams

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Hydrafinil powder, 100 Grams

CAS 1689-64-1, 99.8% min

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What is Hydrafinil?

Hydrafinil (Hydrafinil 9 fluorenol, fluorenol), according to research, is a cognitive stimulant that is 40% more effective and less addictive than modafinil. It has fluorenol which is an alcohol derivative of fluorene.

The hydroxyl group is located on the bridging carbon between the two benzene rings in the most significant isomer, fluoren 9 creating hydroxyfluorene.

Hydroxyfluorene is converted to fluorenone by oxidation. The 9 fluorenol boiling point is approximately 367.5 °C. It is not water-soluble and is cream-colored in crystalline powder form.

Hydrafinil 9 hydroxyfluorene is considered a viable counterpart to modafinil as a poor dopamine reuptake inhibitor. While it is 59% weaker, it is more eugeroic, making it less addictive than modafinil.

What Does Hydrafinil Do?

9 fluorenol is a known eugeroic, is stimulates wakefulness without feeling tired and sleepless. Research showed that eugeroics like 9 fluorenol, keeps you from sleep but with a well-rested feeling. You become more attentive and your information processing and logical thinking also increase.

Hydrafinil reviews on the powder and pill form revealed that it can improve short-term visual memory, concentration, and information processing while reducing impulsivity and increasing critical thought.

Hydrafinil 9 fluorenol (Hydrafinil 9 hydroxyfluorene) has serotonergic effects without having to worry about getting sleep at night since the powder stays in the body only for 6 to 8 hours.